Mission: Seams Impossible 5

The mission is OVER!

This year's theme is...Childhood Memories

Congratulations to the quilters who participated in this year's PSQ Fifth Annual Mission: Seams Impossible.  All of the entries were spectacular but there could only be one winner.  All of the entries were displayed at this year's Batavia Quilt and Textile Show and viewers voted on their choice. 

And the winner is...Karen Collins.  Here's the story that Karen wrote to accompany her piece!

The Kids are Just Fine!


All my childhood memories include my little brother as we did everything together.  In 1966, various friends and neighbors were caring for us, as our mom was in the hospital, when Kevin fell off a bar stool and got a black eye.  I was the typical 6 year old with no front teeth.  Our dad, seeing the humor in this, took us to the photo booth at the TOPPS department store, and later he went to the hospital to visit our mom.  When she asked how we were doing, he handed her the photograph and responded, “The Kids are Just Fine!” 

Inspired by vintage comic book art, where pictures were made up of tiny dots, I enlarged and recreated the photograph using a grid system and 3844 1/2 inch squares of fabric.  The 6 shades of black to white are Bali Batiks. The backing fabric is from my stash, surely from the 60’s!